we produce, install and sell

Meshes, nets, threads, cords, equipment and multifunctional material

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we increase productivity and safety in water, the countryside and the city


we increase productivity and safety in


we contribute to more than

Five sectors of the economy

+ 50 years

Experience allows us to deliver our solutions in a reliable, timely and friendly manner.

+ 700 people

Delivering our product, between direct and indirect collaborators.

+ 10 countries

We export to more than 10 countries around the world

A company with a history

In 1972, a visionary man, Gonzalo Mazuera, a textile engineer at the University of Philadelphia Thomas Jefferson University, in a house in Barrio Colombia in the city of Medellín, decided to found Indumar with a human capital of five collaborators and the objective of manufacturing threads for the fishing industry, an idea that was born from his travels in Latin America.
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Fundador Indumar Gonzalo Mazuera